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Congratulations to ISAAC HOMADI from Ghana for winning this round of Bible Trivia. New questions will be posted soon.


ISIS has been in the news non stop recently because of their acts of genocide throughout Iraq and the Syrian boarder. They are killing men, women, and children. There have been reports of men being beheaded, women being sold into sexual slavery, and children being beheaded and cut in half.  They are targeting anyone who doesn't follow their ideal version of Islam, especially Christians. Click the link below to sign the petition. Thousands are fleeing and need help. Cry out for the innocent.


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Short Sermon



Faith. What is faith? Is it simply believing that God is real? Is it simply believing that Jesus died for your sins? Lets say that you believe that God is real and that Jesus died for your sins? Does that mean that you are saved? Because it is written in Ephesians 2:8 that we are saved by "GRACE" trough "FAITH". But it is also written in James 2:26 that faith without deeds is dead. So we can say that faith is not simply believing. It is acting on what we believe in. Faith without deeds is like buy a car and never putting gas in it, or driving it around. It serves no purpose. So if you do not put to action your belief in Christ and his teachings, then how could you have true faith, and without faith how could you be saved.

Lets further our understanding in what faith is. It is written in Hebrews 11:1 that faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. If you could think of an analogy to portray the meaning of that verse, what would it be? Mine would be to describe faith as an internet sales transaction. I can't see the person or the item. But "with faith" I buy an item online, and I receive an online receipt which I hold onto with "hope" that I will receive that item. I don't doubt that I won't get that item, and I wait patiently for it to come, even though I can't see those working on the other end of the purchase. I know that they are working to deliver what I asked for. Sometimes its a 1 day delivery, and sometimes its a 6-8 week delivery.


Funny Noah Ark
Two new jokes every month, because we know that "A cheerful heart is a good medicine". Enjoy your daily dose!

  The New Pastor

An older preacher told the story of a young minister interviewing for his first pastorate. The Pulpit Committee had invited him to come over to their church for the interview. The committee chairman asked, "Son, do you know the Bible pretty good?"
      The young minister said, "Yes, pretty good." The chairman asked, "Which part do you know best?" He responded saying, "I know the New Testament best." "Which part of the New Testament do you know best," asked the chairman. The young minister said, "Several parts." The chairman said, "Well, why don't you tell us the story of the Prodigal Son." The young man said, "Fine."
      "There was a man of the Pharisees name Nicodemus, who went down to Jericho by night and he fell upon stony ground and the thorns choked him half to death.
      "The next morning Solomon and his wife, Gomorrah, came by, and carried him down to the ark for Moses to take care of. But, as he was going through the Eastern Gate into the Ark, he caught his hair in a limb and he hung there forty days and forty nights and he afterwards did hunger. And, the ravens came and fed him.
      "The next day, the three wise men came and carried him down to the boat dock and he caught a ship to Ninevah. And when he got there he found Delilah sitting on the wall. He said, "Chunk her down, boys, chunk her down." And, they said, "How many times shall we chunk her down, till seven time seven?" And he said, "Nay, but seventy times seven." And they chucked her down four hundred and ninety times.
      "And, she burst asunder in their midst. And they picked up twelve baskets of the leftovers. And, in the resurrection whose wife shall she be?"
      The Committee chairman suddenly interrupted the young minister and said to the remainder of the committee, "Fellows, I think we ought to ask the church to call him as our minister.
      He is awfully young, but he sure does know his Bible."

The Sign
An Amishman lived on a quiet, rural highway. But, as time went by, the traffic slowly built up at an alarming rate. It became so heavy and so fast that his chickens were being run over at a rate of three to six a day. So he called the sheriff's office and said, "You've got to do something about all of these tourists driving so fast and killing all of my chickens."
      "What do you want me to do?" asked the sheriff.
      "I don't care, just do something about these drivers."
      So the next day the sheriff had the county go out and put up a sign that said: SLOW: SCHOOL CROSSING. Three days later, the Amishman again called the sheriff and said, "That sign didn't help a bit. They are still hitting my chickens."
      So the next day, the county put up a sign that said: SLOW: CHILDREN AT PLAY.
      Again, no change. So the Amishman called and called, every day for three weeks. Finally, he told the sheriff, "Look, your signs are just not working. Mind if I put up one of my own?"
      The sheriff told him, "Sure thing, let's see if yours works better."
      He was willing to agree to anything to get him to stop those daily calls. Well, the sheriff got no more calls from the Amishman. After three weeks, he decided to call the Amishman and see how things were going.
      "Did you put up your sign?"
      "Oh, I sure did. And not one chicken has been killed since. I've got to go. I'm very busy." And he hung up the phone.
      The sheriff thought to himself, "I'd better go have a look at that sign. There might be something there that WE could use to slow down drivers..."
      So the sheriff drove out to the Amishman's house, and he saw the sign. It was on a whole sheet of plywood. Written in large, yellow letters were the words: SLOW: NUDIST COLONY.






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