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Did You Know? 

Did you know that the top of mount Sinai (Jebel el laws) looks charred black? The passage in Exodus 19:18 may give a clue as to why. It states that the Lord descended upon the mountain with fire. I believe that you can visit this mountain for yourself but you may only be able to get so close to it seeing how the Saudi government has it fenced off?
Exodus 19:18
Scientists believe that they can explain the red sea crossing today by saying that the Israelites crossed in very shallow water. If this is true then WHY are there chariot wheels, chariot axels, and bones found at the believed location where the Israelites crossed the red sea?
Coral covered chariot axel
another coral covered axel
four spoke chariot wheel found (left) and Egyptian picture of chariot wheel showing four spokes (right).
A coral covered human femur bone. It was tested at stockholm university. It is from the right leg of a man that stood approx. 170cm.
A horses hoof (it shrunk after it dried out)
Everyone knows the story about Sodom and Gomorrah, but did you know that there is actual evidence of the sulfur that fell upon that city and its surroundings? There are large burnt sulfur deposits around the areas where Sodom and Gomorrah were located. God rained down fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah. If you look up brimstone you will find that its sulfur.
balls of burnt sulfur
ball of sulfur with a burnt ring around it.
A slab of sulfur crystals
Many have claimed to have found or seen Noah's ark. Did you know that in Turkey there is a giant land mass that may house evidence of such a find? Could this be Noah's ark? The Turkish government must think so since they have made it a tourist attraction. It has the same dimensions as Noah's ark. Its walls that were unearthed by an earthquake show vertically stack petrified timber. Rivets and other metals were unearthed around it, as well as large stone anchors and pottery depicting a man building something, possibly Noah building the ark.
The Ark?
petrified wood walls
pottery shard
stone anchor