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Science and scripture appear to come into conflict with each other, in the minds of many, in todays modern world. As fact has it, science and archeology have proven how scripture can be a reliable source of recorded history and truth.
As we dive further into science, we find out how complicated, we, and the universe, truly are. As if, we, and the universe, were assembled. We find that all things have a certain function in nature to help support life, like one large living organism. Just as all of the members of our body work together to keep us alive, so does nature work together to support life. Everything has a fingerprint of intelligent design. Whether we study the universe and space at large, nature here on earth, our own anatomy, or the quantized world. It all has the fingerprint of God upon it.
As we dive deeper into archeology we find that there is much more to the past of this world and the human race than we think we know. We find that secrets are kept from us, and that ancient stories and mythology hold some kind of truth. We will continue to investigate stories to find the truth and raise questions.