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 Not Enough Time!
-Evolution suggests that plants and animals have developed from single celled organisms to what we see today in approximately 5 Billion years.
-According to the Big Bang theory and the speed that the galaxies are moving away from each other, the universe is estimated to be about 13.5-15 Billion years old.
-Mathematically, given the circumstances that have to occure to produce a living cell, and the amout of time given (5 billion years) it is impossible.
-Mathematically even 100 Billion years is not long enough to accidently produce Even One Single Cell!
An example of what has to occur:
  • Amino acids are made up of 4 elements; Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon.
  • There are Left handed (L-Levo) and Right handed (D-Dextro) Amino acids.
  • There is an alphebet of 20 amino acids, which make up a protein.
  • The minimum number of amino acids in a protein is 410.
  • For a protein to work correctly the amino acids do not just have to combine; they need to combine in a specific sequence for the protein to function.
  • The smallest living organism that is able to duplicate itself is made up of 238 individual proteins.
  • It is one chance in 10123 for 410 amino acids to form in correct sequence, to form only one protein. Then this would have to occur 238 more times, randomly by accident, to put together the smallest living reproductive organism.
  • There are 1018 seconds in 15 Billion years.


For this procedure to occure in the time supposedly given, and then for that life to "evolve" into the life we have today, is virtually impossible, and oustandingly improbable.

Life has not just evolved but every living thing has a purpose to its life in the given environment that it has been placed. Life has been created to co-exist with other life, and to support the functions of nature. This is not just observable on earth but in all of the universe at large, and also in every atom right down to the quarks, and gluons, that make them up and hold them together.