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Deoxyribonucleic acid
DNA is the genetic instructions for all living things.  Our DNA code instructs our development and functions.  I am sure that you have heard the term "its in their genes" before. Obesity, alcoholism, sexual addiction, homosexuality are some of the things that you may have heard of that are part of peoples genetic makeup. This is true, in fact, any kind of behavioral trait that you have, or acquire before you have children, can be passed down to your children. For example if your father was an alcoholic, that trait can be passed down to you. That does not mean that you are born an alcoholic, but what it does mean is that you are more susceptible to becoming one. You may even have an urge to begin, or try, drinking even though you have never drank before. Or you may never have an urge or problem with alcohol ever. It all depends on whether that "switch" is flipped on that trait. We all may have similar genetic traits but all may not be active. This is why some of us behave differently. 
DNA is made up of 2 long chains of building blocks called nucleotides, wound around each other. I'm sure that you have seen a model of this somewhere in school or television. There are 4 different nucleotides that exist. They form a sequence that encodes a cells information (That's right, cells are full of information that tell them how to act, just like you). It takes many thousand nucleotides to make up a gene. As mentioned before hereditary traits are passed to offspring through DNA, but it relies on "faithful copying of a cells DNA into daughter cells." The entire set of DNA instructions that specifies a cell is called its genome. And in just one single cell there are 3 billion nucleotides. That's a lot of information, in just one single cell. Does that sound like an accident? Cells can even sense the environment through proteins in their membranes. Cells also use elaborate signal-transduction chemical pathways that can change cellular function. This is how we can adapt to our environment. Our Cell's signaling networks are very coordinated between different cells in different tissues. We may not look like it but we are very complex creatures.
DNA In Common
You might not think so, but we share much of our DNA with the rest of the world. Many scientists believe that we have evolved from primates. This isn't hard to believe when you look at the world. Chimpanzee's have similar appendages to humans and they share 98 percent of their DNA with humans according to most sources (90% according to some). So its not hard to believe that we evolved from some similar primate if looking through the evolutionists eyes. But even a very small percentage of difference in DNA makeup, makes a HUGE difference in development and function. Humans share 99.9% of DNA. even .1 difference could result in an abnormal mutation or disfigurement. Scientists suggest that we share 20% of our DNA with Neanderthals. Modern day humans supposedly evolved from Neanderthals some 40,000 years ago when they are believed to have gone extinct. 20% !? That means that we have an 80% difference in DNA makeup to Neanderthals. We share more DNA with rice than we do with Neanderthals. Considering that we have only a 2-10% difference in DNA makeup from Chimpanzee's and an 80% difference from our Neanderthal relatives, I find it incredibly hard to believe that humans evolved from anything. Here are some other animals as well as plants that humans share their genetic makeup with. While researching these I found many of  the numbers inconsistent, varying often according to different sources.
Mice 99%
 Chimpanzee 98%
Dog 94%
Cat 90%
Zebra Fish 85%
Cow 80%
Fruit Fly 36%
Round Worm 21%
Bacteria 7%
Pumpkin 75%
Cabbage 57%
Bananas 50%
Mustard Grass 15%
Rice 25%
Yeast 11%
Does this give more proof to evolution? Of course not. Do you wonder how we could share DNA with other living things if we were created in God's image? All living things including humans came from the earth. Just as it was written in Genesis. Even though we were created in God's image, we also were created from the Earth out of the ground. So don't be dismayed at these findings. We are not just brothers and sisters with each other, but with all living things we share a connection. These findings should also show absurd evolution is. I don't understand how anyone could believe in evolution. I suppose people will believe what they want to believe, whether it is the truth or not.