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!!!Bible Trivia!!!
Do you think you know the bible? Answer these questions right, and win your choice of an "NIV STUDY BIBLE" or "BIBLE TRIVIA BOARD GAME ". The winner will be posted on this page, and on our Home page. Good Luck!!!
  • You must be the first to answer every question correct to win.
  • You must supply the verse or verses in the bible where the answer is found.
  • Send your answers using the contact box below. You do not need to send your phone number.


Example Question: 

Who is recorded as having been the first man to prophesy?

Answer: Enoch (Jude 14)



New Bible Trivia Posted 1-4-2015




1. Whom did God first reveal His name?


2. What city was Jesus crucified in?


3. What is the Hebrew, and Aramaic name for Jesus?


4. (Fill in the blanks and name the verse) I can do ______ through _____ who gives me _____? 


5. What did king Belshazzar see on the wall that frightened him?


6. What is the longest book in the bible, and how many books does it contain?


7. Which of the following is not a judge of Israel?


A. Othniel

B. Shagmar

C. Onesimus

D. Tola


8. (Fill in the blanks and name the verse) I say then: _____ in the ____, and you shall not fulfill the ____ of the ____.


9. Jesus prevented a woman from being stoned to death for doing what?


10. What book is Jesus recorded to have directly read from?