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!!!Bible Trivia!!!
Congratulations to Renthlei Rina on this round of the Bible trivia. 
Do you think you know the bible? Answer these questions right, and win your choice of an "NIV STUDY BIBLE" or "BIBLE TRIVIA BOARD GAME ". The winner will be posted on this page, and on our Home page. Good Luck!!!
  • You must be the first to answer every question correct to win.
  • You must supply the verse or verses in the bible where the answer is found.
  • Send your answers using the contact box below. You do not need to send your phone number.


Example Question: 

Who is recorded as having been the first man to prophesy?

Answer: Enoch (Jude 14)



New Bible Trivia Posted 8-12-2014





1.Which Jew was correctly accused of living like a Gentile and then trying to make Gentiles live as Jews?


2.What was the name of the woman who slept at the feet of her future husband?


3.Scripture says that the Lord caused the sun to stand still (Joshua 10:12); when did he cause it to "reverse"?


4.This person's birthday party is the first such mentioned in the Bible?


 5.How many angels are specifically mentioned by name in the Bible?


6.This man's seven sons were attacked by a demon(s). Who was the man?


7.What was the name of the man who ordered the demise of 450 priests?


8.This son of David was hung in what kind of tree?


9.A Biblical book of wisdom speaks of four creatures that are small but exceedingly wise! List the creatures!


10.This book of the Bible speaks about a womb bringing forth ice. What book was it?